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Japanese restaurant – donburi

January 11, 2013

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It is a one-plate (bowl) food where you eat a main dish on rice. Some Donburi is being enjoyed and accepted as fast food in Japan.

There is an endless number of Donburi existing because you can even create your own Donburi by putting your favorite main dish on rice. The most common Donburi is as follows: Tendon with Tempura, Tekkadon with raw Tuna, Gyuudon with salty-sweet beef, Oyakodon with chicken and egg, Kaisendon with a variety of fresh seafood, Katsudon with deep fried pork mixed with egg. There are specialty restaurants serving only Donburi in Japan.

It is handling money without detailed calculations. This originated from the craftspeople taking or putting money back into their big pockets called Donburi in their special aprons a long time ago. This Donburi and the bowl Donburi use the same Chinese character, but there is no correlation in meaning. ◆ Here is a list of other Donburi variations.
If you find any of them here in America, why don’t you give it a try!

  • Enoshimadon: Diced turban shell meat mixed with egg.
  • Kattedon: Originated in Kushiro, Hokkaido. You get cooked white rice first in the fish market, and then select your favorite seafood to put on your rice while walking through the stores in the market.
  • Kamakuradon: Deep fried shrimp mixed with egg.
  • Gyuutorodon: Raw ground beef served with soy-sauce-based sauce and condiments such as green onion, seaweed and green horseradish paste.
  • Sakenooyakodon:Salmon flakes and salmon roes.
  • Tanindon: Any meat except chicken mixed with egg.
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