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January 11, 2013

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Curry is the dish that various ingredients such as vegetables and meat are seasoned with multiple spices. It was introduced to Japan via England and arranged into Curry Rice in Japan, and its popularity is high enough to be called a national food along with Ramen. Special programs on Curry have been on-air and books about Curry have been published. In addition, Curry-themed music CDs, cartoons and picture books are on the market.

The military of the Empire of Japan once introduced Curry as a military dish and served Curry for lunch every Saturday, later changed to every Friday. This was aimed to make the soldiers keep track of the days of the week as they spent long hours at sea. Curry was also considered as a nutritious food.

The main ingredients for Curry are onions, carrots, and potatoes. You may add any meat as you like.

◎ Curry recipe
① Put some oil in the pan and saute diced onions until brown. Do not burn them.
② Toss in some meat and briefly cook, and add carrots and potatoes.
③ Add water after all the ingredients are well mixed.
④ Cook until the potatoes become tender and add instant curry blocks.
⑤ Cook for an extra few minutes after the curry blocks are completely melted.
⑥ Serve it on warm rice.
— Secret Ingredients
Coffee, yogurt, wine, chocolate, ketchup.
— Toppings
Deep fried pork, deep fried chicken, croquette, hamburg, fermented beans, and raw egg.
You can enjoy all kinds of curry-flavored original dishes. Curry Nanban (curry-flavored Japanese noodles with Japanese leeks), Curry Udon, Curry Don (bowl), Curry Kishimen (noodles), Curry Pan (bread), Curry Spaghetti

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