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Chinese style

January 11, 2013

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Chinese food is the cuisine arranged accordingly based on original Chinese food overseas. Compared to Japanese or other western foods, they are cooked on a higher heat and use a lot more oil. The use of raw vegetables and cold dishes are rare. Freshwater fish is frequently used in preparing Chinese food. Ramen, Tenshinhan, Ma Po Tofu, and Dumplings have developed their own originalities in Japan.

Chinese dishes are categorized into 4 major varieties depending on their geographical background.
    • North (Beijing dishes): They consist of a strong flavor and are high in sodium. Their appearances are lavish as they originated from the Imperial Cuisine. They use more flour and meat rather than rice and fish.
      【Typical dishes】Peking duck, Dumplings served in soup, Noodles with minced pork sauce.
    • East (Shanghai dishes): They are characterized by a strong flavor with sweetness. Shanghai is rich in farm products due to its mild climate, and is known as a production center for rice.
      【Typical dishes】 Shanghai crab, Steamed dumplings, Diced broiled pork.
    • South (Cantonese dishes): They are characterized by a light flavor to enhance the tastes of ingredients. This location is rich in sea food due to its mild climate and many coastal areas.
      【Typical dishes】Shark fin, Dim Sum, Sweet sour pork.
  • West (Szechuan dishes): They contain a spicy flavor. Due to its cold climate, spicy dishes have been prepared to cause sweating and improve appetite. Chinese hot sauce is frequently used.
    【Typical dishes】Bean curd Szechuan style, Shredded chicken with spicy sesame sauce, Double cooked pork.
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