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Cafe and bakery

January 11, 2013

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There are so many varieties from sweet bread to sandwich-styled bread. The typical sweet bread is Anpan filled with red bean paste, Jamupan with strawberry jam, Creampan with custard cream, and melon-shaped Meronpan with no melon in it. The sandwich-styled bread is Korokkepan with croquette and Kareepan with curry sauce. Bread called Gopan made with rice powder has made a debut as well.

Wagashi is a confectionary made through a traditional Japanese process. Taiyaki, Oobanyaki, Manjyu, and Dorayaki are stuffed with red bean paste called Anko, and are available all year round. Wagashi is seasonally served with different designs, thus Wagashi making often requires artistic skills. You can enjoy Wagashi visually as well.

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